Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Explore The Cloud !!!

Cloud Today

Cirrus: Wispy, White and Thin 

Cumulus: Fluffy like cotton and White

Group Picture [ Pine, Look-peach, Me - Left to Right ]

In this school year in school have many things happen to me because it is the first year in Panyarat!! so exciting right? Yes, it gives me many things for example Friends that argue together and helps each other, Teacher that very kind to me. My next school year plan is to concentrate more on learning and concentrate on playing too. Activities that I will join debate same like this year and so do my dream to be a fashion designer. I want to travel to anther countries too. I expect to improve my History, Science and Social subject.

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Experiment today!!!

Experiment Today

 We learn about distance speed and time so we do an experiment. Our experiment is to drop the ball down the ramp and look for it how long it does and what time that it finish in 5 meters. 

Equipment :
- Timer  - Ramp  - Ball bearing  - Ruler  - Paper

Method :

1. Put the ramp up in level 20 cm and 40 cm
2. Place the ball bearing on top of ramp
3. Lift the ramp in 20 cm and release the ball
4. Time how long is it takes to travel 5 meters
5. See how far it go
6. Repeat experiment in 40 cm

My fastest is 3 second !!!

Conclusion :
If ramp high will take time more, go shorter and bounce more but floor is little bit tilted 

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