Thursday, 3 November 2016

Cure : Walking and use less in the car, don't use the electric thing more and else but the main thing is to help each other because just one can't do it.

!Global Warming !

Cause : Too much Carbon dioxine then it has greenhouse effect by the Carbon dioxine block then The sun's light reflect to the Earth. When many greenhouse effect  it will be Global warming

Effect : Global warming will make the temperature change then it effect to animals example Polar bear and Penguin if they can't adapt they can extinct. 

For human is very hot temperature or dry so the plant can't grow then it worse and the farmer doesn't have money then he be a thief then the world be worst. Next it will create the disaster example Flood Earth quake and if we wait some countries can sink in the sea or the ocean example Maldives. If the sea or the ocean change so the sea life, fish, anemone, plankton and many and if the plankton bigger so it will create red tide and apparent white coral. The economic will be bad even in travel, Product and some animals will die. In the health of people when it many carbon dioxine so people will not get the good air w=it will be only the bad air and the fish or the animal that we eat they not clean. 
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